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January / February 2020

Drastic changes necessary after the rains' muddy, almost impossible roads

Brilliant job Ferdi!

March / April

New Roads, New and Better Ideas

Brilliant work to all who were involved!

Bronberg Hive Chalets

A Very Exciting Project for Bronberg

Nelmarie, Aletta, Ferdi

Bronberg Gardens

Horticultural Project

Another Very Exciting Project for Bronberg

Master and Louis setting up a tunnel for a mini garden

Agri Plans

Bronberg Agricultural Project

Preperations for chickens , compost, tree planting and more...

2 Mulberry Trees Planted

Preparations of organic compost

Jacoba at work

Building for store room and mushroom shed

September Fire

Thursday 10 September

Lord heal our members, restore our farm...

Residential homes, cars, personal belongings, cherished pets and more...

were destroyed

Thank you to all the continued support, donations and helping hands.